Welcome to Modular Engineering

Modular Engineering Ltd specialise in offsite fabrication, pre-assembly and installation of bespoke package systems for all industrial applications.

Modular Engineering will identify elements of your project that can be pre-fabricated offsite in a controlled workshop environment. The modularised, unitised and pre-assembled methodology applied at our facility consolidates our control over unpredictable factors during the typical site stick build construction.

Why Modular Engineering?

  • Works can proceed concurrently with site civil works which significantly reduces overall build time
  • More productive and Cost effective due to workshop time saving equipment
  • Improved quality control
  • Reduced on-site labor – less risk to site safety
  • No schedule risk due to inclement weather
  • Remove site variation costs with price certainty
  • Minimum footprint
  • Ease of future expansion or re-location
  • Minimum downtime for replacing systems in operation
  • Environmental benefit – reduce construction traffic and waste on site
  • No overlap or impact on other site trades

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