Access, Security & Protection

Modular Engineering manufacture safe and secure access solutions for all your maintenance requirements. These systems can also be incorporated in our pre-assembled package skids and room structures. We manufacture bollards and guardrails for protection of composite panel structures that provide a seamless connection to the floor (no visible flange base plate).

  • Access Platforms for supporting and maintaining equipment
  • Access Stairs – straight run and split level
  • Access Ramp
  • Access Ladders – complete with safety cage
  • Spring loaded safety gate
  • Access Walkways for maintenance
  • Mezzanine floor structure – Flowforge, Mild steel Chequer, Aluminium Chequer
  • Safety Handrails – Fixed or Self-supporting, Stainless or Carbon
  • Security Enclosures – full perimeter and roof if required
  • Protection Bollards – 114mm, 141mm, 168mm O/D, various heights, Stainless or Carbon
  • Protection Guardrails – 114mm O/D, various lengths
  • Void Closures – Flowforge access panels


  • Galvanised in accordance with EN ISO 1461: 2009
  • Shot blast to SA 2 ½ + 2 pack epoxy primer + polyurethane finish coat (any colour)
  • Powder Coated (any colour)